Moai on Easter Island

Moai on Easter Island

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Thought I Knew Mountains

After growing up in Montana and climbing mountains all over the world I was pretty convinced that, unless I went to the Himalaya, I wouldn't see mountains that would leave me floored for days.  Then I drove through the Canadian Rockies. I was absolutely blown away.
Looking up the Athabasca Glacier to the Columbia Icefield 
Climbing up one of the "glacier buses"

It's bear season! (We've already seen 2)

Near Jasper, Alberta

Holy Shit! Mt. Robson

Can't beat the dinner or the view

View from our campsite on some random logging road

Steller's Jay 
Time to hit the road again.  Just a quick stop in Prince George, BC for groceries, gas, water and internet.  We're getting into the flatter north country now where the dreary winter is still lingering.  Our packs and skis are ready to go as soon as we find a good roadside slope for a quick ski tour to break up the drive.

830 miles down.  1300 miles to the AK boarder.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

460 Miles in and the Planning Starts...kinda

After running around Missoula for hours yesterday we got out of town around 3pm and stayed with some amazing folks in Whitefish, MT.  It was a good way to ease into our journey.
Just outside of Whitefish, MT

Banff, Alberta

I wanted to go down to Banff just to see what it was all about.  We walked around for about a half an hour and got sick of the touristy-ness and got the hell out.

Columbia Lake?, BC
 Already lots of lonely road and wondering what on earth we are doing.  

one of the few signs of spring

Kootnay National Park

Lake Louise, Alberta
We decided to get a hostel in Lake Louise, Alberta tonight.  We were feeling to lazy to set up our tent in the rain and wanted internet to work on some trip planning.  Something neither of us had time to do over the last few weeks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

End of an Era

Finally sold the Tiger yesterday.  After 3 1/2 years and 40,000 miles of adventures it was time for her to go.  As I'm heading north to AK; it is heading south to San Luis Obisbo, CA

Kinda of like selling a house.  But just like many good things we have to go in separate directions.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Leaving Missoula

Recently something changed.  

Changed from wanting to settle down in Missoula and go to grad school to dropping everything and just going.  Going with grand ideas of destinations, but no concrete plan or return date. 

I returned to Missoula from yet another trip to South America and quickly re-realized that Missoula will never change.  The people of Missoula will always be the same although they may not be the exact same people.  I will be able to come back years from now and feel right at home again.  

Every older [than me] client I have says that they wish they would have done more traveling and less working and had more fun experiences rather than get a mortgage.  There is plenty of time for that.  I figured this is might be my only time with no real responsibilities to just drop everything conventionally know as a “home” and just go.  First north to Alaska; then south to Patagonia.  So this is just the first post of hopefully many in the next year or so of traveling and experiencing life. 

Once, the van is officially sold (Tuesday) and everything is packed we (Toren Johnson and I) are leaving for our epic road trip to Alaska on Wednesday. 

Until then, a few photos of recent stuff in Missoula: 
Urban Campfiring 

Clark Fork River from Higgins Bridge

St. Mary's Peak Lookout, Bitterroot Mountains
I hope to develop this blog a lot over the next month so keep checking up on it.