Moai on Easter Island

Moai on Easter Island

Thursday, April 26, 2012

460 Miles in and the Planning Starts...kinda

After running around Missoula for hours yesterday we got out of town around 3pm and stayed with some amazing folks in Whitefish, MT.  It was a good way to ease into our journey.
Just outside of Whitefish, MT

Banff, Alberta

I wanted to go down to Banff just to see what it was all about.  We walked around for about a half an hour and got sick of the touristy-ness and got the hell out.

Columbia Lake?, BC
 Already lots of lonely road and wondering what on earth we are doing.  

one of the few signs of spring

Kootnay National Park

Lake Louise, Alberta
We decided to get a hostel in Lake Louise, Alberta tonight.  We were feeling to lazy to set up our tent in the rain and wanted internet to work on some trip planning.  Something neither of us had time to do over the last few weeks.

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