Moai on Easter Island

Moai on Easter Island

Thursday, May 3, 2012

When does it stop being a road trip and just become a part of life?

 So far we've driven 2,500 miles and are finally in Alaska!  We're going to some hot springs outside of Fairbanks tonight and will finally get a good rest from driving.
Good beer in recycled Kokanee and Budweiser bottles
We decided that we couldn't leave Whitehorse until we visited the Yukon Brewery.  Just might be the only good beer in all of Canada.  Most of the other people on the brewery tour were also driving to Alaska.  Funny how we all congregated there.  

Salad in my gold pan
some of the enjoyable things about car camping

East side of the St. Elias Range
 The wide-open, arctic Yukon was amazing.  Sort of bittersweet leaving it for Alaska.  Driving between Whitehorse and the border is very challenging because you have to swerve all over the road to avoid bumps and potholes while still admiring the view.

We made it!

Looks like everyone is heading north
 We're in Fairbanks now.  This is the furthest north I have ever been.  It definitely still feels like winter up here.  I feel dazed from being on the road so much.  It will be nice to slow down a bit and get out of the routine of driving every day.
First sunset in AK

Not a bad first night in AK
North Pole, AK

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