Moai on Easter Island

Moai on Easter Island

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Air is Getting Colder, But There is Still Open Water Out My Window

All the ships are gone for the season and the last plane of the year should have came and gone today.  Mechanical delays mean we have to wait one more day until winter really begins.  McMurdo already feels empty, but we are still going to loose 50 more people on the last flight.  

Trucks waiting to bring shipping containers off the Ocean Giant

Ocean Giant Shipping Vessel

The sunsets last for hours and it almost gets dark at night now.  Within the next week we'll have a true night and day for awhile until the perpetual night starts.  

One of the Last C-17 flights of the year.
The pace throughout town has mellowed out quite a bit for everyone except for me.  I'm still working out all the trainings and working out all the kinks for the Winter Search & Rescue team.  Hopefully within the next month that will all get worked out and I can mellow out and enjoy being here for the season.

The Ocean Giant leaves McMurdo...

...with the icebreaker not far behind.

Up Next: Sunsets....lots and lots of sunsets.

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