Moai on Easter Island

Moai on Easter Island

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bottom of the World

I really can hardly imagine where I am.  I’ve seen the X on a map of the South Pole.  It is in the middle of a blank white spot on the continent.   I haven’t see it on a globe because the axis is always poking out at the Pole. 

Getting on the LC-130
Not too far from McMurdo

There is a reason it is a big blank spot on the map.  There is nothing here.  A few buildings and telescopes and antennas and cargos lines full of random stuff waiting years to get flown or drug behind a tractor back to McMurdo.

Ceremonial South Pole marker
Ceremonial Pole marker and the station in the background
I've never been in a place so flat and full of nothing.  There is nothing but a flat white horizon for 360 degrees.  It's been around -11*F the last few days with wind chills down to -33*F or so.  I'll just start to get used to the cold before I head higher [and much colder] on the Antarctic Plateau to help a group fix a radio telescope.  The Pole is at 9,300 feet, but the pressure altitude is around 10,000 feet.  Quite a big jump from sea level.  

Inside the station
South Pole Station
Compared to everything else I've seen in Antarctica it isn't much to see, but it is a cool experience nonetheless.  Like I've said before there is something alluring about the white nothingness.  

Typical view

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