Moai on Easter Island

Moai on Easter Island

Sunday, January 13, 2013

South Pole Markers

There are three different markers at the South Pole.  Of course nothing in the US Antarctic Program is efficient so there certainly has to be more than one South Pole marker.

There is the ceremonial Pole marker.  This is the mirrored ball with all the flags around it.  

Ceremonial Pole marker with the station in the background.

Then there is the geographical Pole marker.  Why the ceremonial Pole marker isn't at the true South Pole I'll never know.  This marker is moved back to the true South Pole every January 1st because the ice sheet moves about 30 feet every year.  They make a new marker every year.  This year's marker has the sun, moon and planets on top of it...Pluto is on the bottom. 

Geographic South Pole marker
Sitting between the other two Pole markers is a little wooden stake.  It has "2013 Pole Marker" written on with a sharpie. No one seems to know why this one is here.  I guess it is just another one of the great mysteries of Antarctica.


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